180 South Main St.

Iola, WI 54945

Clerk's Office: 715-445-2913

Village of Iola

“Collectively upholding our relevancy for today, responsiveness for tomorrow; readiness in the future to address the needs of our entire community.”

Committee Member's

Board of TrusteesJennifer Schustek, President,

Alan Bauer, David Harper, Mark McCoy, Rick Meyers,

Pamela Parks  and  Jim Rasmussen


Jennifer Schustek

President Pro Tem
David Harper

Jim Rasmussen, Chairman, David Harper and Alan Bauer

Parks Committee, Community Garden & Children's Garden
Rick Meyers, Chairman, Pamela Parks & Alan Bauer

Finance Committee
David Harper, Chairman, Jim Rasmussen and Pamela Parks

Police Committee
Pamela Parks Chairman, David Harper and Jim Rasmussen

Ordinance Committee

Rick Meyers, Chairman, Pamela Parks and Alan Bauer

Public Works (Public Property, Streets, Water & Sewer)

Mark McCoy, Chairman, David Harper, Jim Rasmussen and Glenn Tetzlaff

Revitalization Committee

Alan Bauer, Chairman, Heather Hoyard, Greg Loscher, Joe Opperman and Jennifer Schustek

Law Firm to Act as Corporate Counsel
Bruce J Meagher LLC

Law Firm to act as General Prosecutors for Counsel
Omholt & Forsythe S.C.

Bank to Act as Depository for Village
Bank First

Newspaper to act as Official Publication
Waupaca County Post

Emergency Government
Chuck Fritz

Board of Review
Jennifer Schustek and Jim Rasmussen

Plan Commission/Zoning
Jennifer Schustek, Chairman, Jim Rasmussen, Mike Devine, Larry Flowers, Chuck Fritz, Ed Staal, Mark Sether and Pamela Parks

Variance Board
Mike Devine, Chairman, Fred Borgmann, Larry Flowers, Chuck Fritz, Pamela Parks,  Jennifer Schustek, and Ed Staal

Zoning Administrator

Bob Viste

Weed Commissioner

Glenn Tetzlaff


BG & Associates

Intergovernmental Committee
Jennifer Schustek and David Harper

Missy Fenn

Rep on Lake District Board
David Harper

Rep on Fire and Ambulance Board
David Harper

Rep to WCEDC
Missy Fenn

Rep on CDA Board
Jennifer Schustek, Chairperson, Jim Rasmussen,  Norm Mortenson, Mark McCoy and Mark Sether

Rep to Recycling Board

David Harper

Rep to Chamber of Commerce
Jim Rasmussen

Iola Village Library Board 

Lila Shower, President, Randy Kalal, Cari Honken, School Rep, Jill Willems, Secretary and Jim Rasmussen, VP & Village Rep.

Historical Preservation CommitteeClifford Mishler, Chairman, John Bertelson, Dave Harper and Greg Loscher