180 South Main St.

Iola, WI 54945

Clerk's Office: 715-445-2913

Village of Iola

“Collectively upholding our relevancy for today, responsiveness for tomorrow; readiness in the future to address the needs of our entire community.”

Village of Iola Code Book

Table of Content

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 7 Administrative Determinations
Chapter 11 Special Assessment
Chapter 15 Boards, Commissions and Committees
Chapter 19 Budget Finance
Chapter 26 Code of Ethics
Chapter 30 Fire Department
Chapter 34 Government and Elections
Chapter 38 Grievances
Chapter 45 Officers and Employees
Chapter 50 Police Department
Chapter 53 Disposition of Property
Chapter 57 Public Records
Chapter 62 Village Board

Chapter 70 Adult Entertainment
Chapter 74 Alarm System
Chapter 77 Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 81 Amusement
Chapter 85 Animals
Chapter 90 Bicycles and other play vehicles
Chapter 94 Grass, Weeds and Brush
Chapter 97 Building Construction
Chapter 101 Cable Television
Chapter 105 Cemetery
Chapter 109 Cigarettes
Chapter 113 Curfew
Chapter 117 Driveways
Chapter 119 Drug Paraphernalia
Chapter 122 Public Entertainment
Chapter 126 Erosion Control
Chapter 130 Fair Housing
Chapter 134 Fermented Malt Beverage and Intoxicating Liquor
Chapter 138 Financial Transaction Cards
Chapter 142 Firearms and Explosives
Chapter 145 Fire Prevention
Chapter 148 Fireworks
Chapter 153 Hazardous Materials
Chapter 157 Library
Chapter 160 License and Permits
Chapter 164 Littering
Chapter 167 Loitering
Chapter 171 Minors
Chapter 175 Mobile Homes
Chapter 180 Noise
Chapter 183 Nonmetallic Mining
Chapter 186 Nuisances
Chapter 191 Obscene Materials
Chapter 197 Parks and Navigable Waters
Chapter 201 Peace and Good Order
Chapter 205 Pollution
Chapter 215 Special Sales
Chapter 219 Sewers
Chapter 223 Smoking
Chapter 226 Snowmobiles
Chapter 229 Solid Waste
Chapter 233 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 237 Transient Merchants
Chapter 240 Trees and Shrubs
Chapter 244 Vehicles and Appliances, Abandoned and Junked 

Chapter 247 Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 251 Water Utility
Chapter 255 Weapons

Garbage Ordinance

ATV/UTV Ordinance

Entertainment/Music Ordinance

Chapter 260 Floodplain Zoning
Chapter 261 Subdivision
Chapter 262 Zoning
Chapter 263 Zoning (Continued)

Appendix, Disposition List and Index

Below is a copy of the Code Book for the Village of Iola.  For any question or clarification please call Clerks office at 715-445-2913.