Village of Iola Parks

Olson Park

    Olson Park with Taylor Field has a beautiful view of Lake Iola.  It also has two shelters for rental, a playground, volleyball court and a baseball field. There are two shelters available for rental.

 Open shelter

       No Charge for Rental for Village Residents.

       $25 Rental for Non Village Residents.

Closed Shelter

      $50 Rental for Village Residents*

      $75 Rental for Non Village Residents*

      *$25 Deposit return when key is returned to Clerk's Office

Call 445-2913 to reserve

Veterans Memorial Park

     Veteran's Memorial Park is located on Main St. along Lake Iola.

Farmer's Market

     The farmers market is located on the corner of E. State St and S. Chet Krause Drive

Open shelter

 Closed Shelter 

$25 Rental for Village Residents

$50 Rental for Non Village Residents

Below are pictures from Veterans Memorial Park

Below are pictures from Olson Park

Here are two fantastic ways to support our Local Dog park.